2014 Challenge Results

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Congratulations to Loot N' Booty BBQ out of Scottsdale, AZ for their stellar performance at our 2014 Barbecue Challenge and their qualification into Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue AND American Royal World Series of Barbecue!

Big Poppa Smokers came in as our Reserve Grand Champion, trailing Loot N' Booty by just over one point...so close for the second year in a row!

Please see below for the overall challenge results, as well as the top 12 results for the individual competitions:

Overall Competition

  1. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  2. Big Poppa Smokers
  3. Grill of His Dreams
  4. Say Hello to My Little Smoker
  5. Sin City Smokers
  6. Rhythm 'n QUE
  7. Ridge Route Boys BBQ
  8. H & D BBQ
  9. ZZYZX Bar.B.Q
  10. Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"
  11. Satisfied Hogs
  12. The Pit Crew BBQ of So Cal
  13. Jessie Rae's
  14. Karnivorous
  15. Smoke It BBQ & Catering
  16. Infinite Smoke
  17. Swimmin' in Smoke
  18. Memphis Championship BBQ
  19. Cow Tippin' BBQ
  20. Kamado Rocket Barbeque
  21. Refined Redneck
  22. Voodoo ZomBQue
  23. Trailhound Smokers BBQ
  24. Smoke on the Water
  25. Squat and Gobble Barbeque
  26. Fox Smokehouse BBQ
  27. Montana Q
  28. Stoked to Smoke
  29. VooDoo Pit BBQ
  30. Butts and Racks
  31. Bullpen BBQ
  32. The BBQ Nerds
  33. Max's Pig 'n' Pie BBQ
  34. Pigs Pike International Grillers & Smokers
  35. Rollin Smoke Barbeque

Chicken Competition

  1. Karnivorous
  2. Rhythm 'n QUE
  3. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  4. Say Hello to My Little Smoker
  5. Big Poppa Smokers
  6. Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"
  7. ZZYZX Bar.B.Q.
  8. Jessie Rae's
  9. Sin City Smokers
  10. Ridge Route Boys BBQ
  11. Smoke It BBQ & Catering
  12. Smoke on the Water

Ribs Competition

  1. Big Poppa Smokers
  2. Say Hello to My Little Smoker
  3. Sin City Smokers
  4. Satisfied Hogs
  5. Grill of His Dreams
  6. Swimmin' in Smoke
  7. Refined Redneck
  8. Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"
  9. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  10. Fox Smokehouse BBQ
  11. Smoke It BBQ & Catering
  12. Cow Tippin' BBQ

Pork Competition

  1. Memphis Championship BBQ
  2. H & D BBQ
  3. Sin City Smokers
  4. Cow Tippin' BBQ
  5. Jet Coatings "Monkey Style"
  6. Grill of His Dreams
  7. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  8. The Pit Crew BBQ of So Cal
  9. Squat and Gobble Barbeque
  10. Refined Redneck
  11. Kamado Rocket Barbeque
  12. ZZYZX Bar.B.Q

Brisket Competition

  1. Ridge Route Boys BBQ
  2. Rhythm 'n QUE
  3. Big Poppa Smokers
  4. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  5. Grill of His Dreams
  6. Say Hello to My Little Smoker
  7. Voodoo ZomBQue
  8. The Pit Crew BBQ of So Cal
  9. Satisfied Hogs
  10. H & D BBQ
  11. Smoke on the Water
  12. Kamado Rocket Barbeque